Sublime Moments…

So last night I had a super long day at work. I went in at 0830 and worked until 8 at night. By the time I left, I was tired, hungry and just not wanting to deal with anything.

I was low on gas so I had to stop on the way home to fill up. The gas pump was not working right and I’m like “Oh fuck, now what!” and I had to go in to see the clerk.

The clerk was a woman in her thirties working inside and she reset the pump and I smiled, thanked her and went back out to pump gas.

As I was finishing up, the woman from the store came out, walked over to me and said “Excuse me” to me as I was finishing up. My first thought was “Christ, now what?” I said, “Hi hun, what’s up?” She said, “I just wanted to tell you how beautiful you are!”

I was like stunned…!

She goes on to say, “Your look and style are so totally cool and I just had to tell you!”

I get compliments but, this kind of thing just doesn’t happen to me everyday…lol… so I was a little embarrassed and yes…elated.

I told her that she was so sweet to tell me that and that she absolutely made me smile after a long, hard day. We both smiled and giggled….

The thing I took away from our encounter was that just when you think you are bottoming out and you want to shut down… **SOMETIMES** there is a spark that reignites your spirit. You might not be looking for it and you might not expect it but there it is.

Our lives, our days and our special moments aren’t always things we expect or strive for. They just happen for better or worse and they affect us in ways that are sublime and unrehearsed. Enjoy them!
Toni Grace 🕊

#toni_grace #transgender

2 thoughts on “Sublime Moments…

  1. From all the pics I’ve seen I would certainly agree with this nice woman. How wonderful to get such a nice compliment.
    It sounds like her timing couldn’t have been better! Good karma coming back to you for all the kind nice things you do.


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